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ICFC Campos do Jordão

ICFC Campos do Jordão


The new ICFC center is located on the rugged geography of Campos do Jordão. In order to settle down the program on a better connected way, the programs had been divided in three main blocks united by a tram. This transportation allows easy access to all parts of the complex, avoids new vehicles roads and maintains the integrity of the land.

Conference Center
This is the core building of ICFC. Horizotal lamina landed on the site. Entrance of the complex, receive the pedestrians on the visitor’s center. It shelters also an administrative area, meeting rooms, theatre and organic restaurant.

The accommodation building floats over the land. The 50 apartments are immersed on the eucalyptus forest. Grouped in five sets of 10 dorms, that can be divided by age, gender or different wished configurations. The insolation, E-W oriented, is made by interns courtyards. The light floods the open spaces and plates all environments. These gardens contemplate the landscape. The cafeteria, swimming pool and laundry are also in this building.

Located on the site highest point, is the element that identifies ICFC. Besides welcoming small expositions, has also a little theater.
Different from the others buildings, in a more upright position, is a lighthouse to the landscape.
It’s a viewpoint on the top of the hill and a reference to the complex.


Campos do Jordão, SP

Project start date



UNA arquitetos: Cristiane Muniz, Fábio Valentim, Fernanda Barbara, Fernando Viégas


Ana Paula de Castro, Jimmy Liendo, José Carlos Silveira jr.

Area of the Site

60.000 m²

Total Area


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