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Central Post Office in São Paulo

Central Post Office in São Paulo


The Theater within the Post Office Cultural Space

The Post Office’s theater is part of a new cultural center right in the heart of the city of São Paulo. It is part of the Post Office Central Agency building, which was built in 1918 and belongs to the city’s historical patrimony. The project, winner of a national contest set by the Ministry for Telecommunications in 1997, proposed the transformation of the building into a cultural center, has already started works onsite.

The project keeps the Post Office agency -still the largest in the country- on the ground floor, liberating the remaining four stories for cultural events. Inside the new building a new atrium will connect the three public entrances – each one at a different level – and also integrate cultural activities. Besides the theater – with a capacity to hold 420 people – the program includes two cinemas, three exhibition rooms, a library and classrooms. Restaurants and coffee shops complement the whole cultural program.

The theater and the cinema are located in an entirely new wing, which is attached to, but does not disturb, the external facade of the original building. The floors run from one building to the other via opening that already exist in the original structure. The new building will be erected at the back of the plot using a space that was occupied by sheds and other irrelevant structures.

The most attractive feature of the theater is its direct relationship with a plaza at the back of the plot, which in turn allows an important urban connection throughout the interior of the cultural space. The plaza’s floor flows into the theater’s interior via the lateral balconies.

The model chosen for the theatre is that of picture frame stage. The theater permits, according to pre-determined models, its customization into Italian, Elizabethan and Arena modes by using simple and non-mechanical devices.

The theater’s typology endeavors to be coherent with the architectural mode of the whole cultural center. Notwithstanding –at the same time?-, it is also concerned with the particularities of the program thus allowing various productions, with different lengths of stays, to be performed by groups from inside or outside the city. The cultural centre could become an important centre for theatrical creativity.


Vale do Anhangabaú, São Paulo - SP

Project start date

1997 - 2008

National Competition

Winning Project


Una Arquitetos
Cristiane Muniz, Fábio Valentim, Fernanda barbara e Fernando Viégas, Ana Paula Gonçalves Pontes e Catherine Otondo


(authors); César Shundi Iwamizu, Eduardo Chalabi, Gustavo Rosa de Moura, Mariana Felippe Viégas, Roberto Zocchio Torresan, Paula Zasnicoff Cardoso, Marcio Guarnieri (collaborators)


Antonio Carlos Barossi, Regina Prosperi Meyer, Renato Viégas

Real State Consultant and Economic Development

Hani Ricardo Barbara


Pedro Puntoni

Historian and Art Critic

Rodrigo Naves

Concrete Structure

França & Associados Engenharia s/c ltda; Ricardo Leopoldo e Silva França, Américo Griecco júnior, José Carlos Medina

Metallic Structure

Engebrat - Consultoria Engenharia e Projetos; Romão Rybka, Jorge Rybka


Cepollina Engenheiros Consultores s/c ltda; Mario Cepollina


Tesis - Tecnologia de Sistemas em Engenharia s/c ltda; Francisco Landi, Paula Landi, Marcos, Francisco Diego


Antônio Luiz Dias de Andrade (in memorian), Arq. Beatriz Mugayar Kühl


Thermoplan - Engenharia térmica ltda; Eng. Eizo Kosai

Acoustics and Thermal Comfort

Ambiental s/c ltda; arq. Sofia Luri Kubo, arq. Luís Carlos Chichierchio

Stagecraft Technitian

J. C. Serroni Criações Visuais s/c ltda; arq. Gustavo Lanfranchi

Lighting Design

Franco & Fortes Lighting Design ltda; Gilberto Franco, Carlos Fortes

Professional Kitchen

Precx Consultoria em Alimentação ltda; José Aurélio Claro Lopes

Sound Equipment

R. Boselli International Marketing ltda; arq. Roberto Boselli

Spread Sheets

Quantum Consultoria s/c ltda, eng. Aluízio Amaral Monteiro Leite

Glazing Consultant

AEC Consultores de Arquitetura e Construção ltda; Paulo Celso Duarte

Waterproofing Consultant

eng. Giovanni Palermo



Model Photography

Nelson Kon