UNA barbara e valentim

Boaçava House

Casa Boaçava
The slope where this site is located, beside the six meters difference between back neighbor and the house, provide a large distant view from the street level. The continuity is established therefore through the neighborhood treetops and the skyline on the banks of Pinheiros River.
The suspended concrete volume protects living areas on the ground level. Wood floor connects this level since the entrance until the pool, bending itself inside the living room. The plot relatively small for this house acquires a bigger perspective related to the landscape through this sequence of open or glazed spaces.
The concrete wall supports construction and divides longitudinally the site giving independence to the facilities areas. This red colored block was pigmented with iron oxide. The presence of this molded wall allows a transition from external to internal areas. Two concrete columns complete the supports.
The contrast with first level, where the bedrooms are, appears in the opacity of the volume.
It indicates some intimacy, views from these rooms are mediated by reentrant balconies. These extractions ensure diagonal views, multiple light and ventilation accesses emphasizing the sun’s path. The rising way is completed by a solarium on the roof.

City Boaçava. São Paulo, SP

Project start date



UNA arquitetos: Cristiane Muniz, Fábio Valentim, Fernanda Barbara e Fernando Viégas


Cia de projetos, eng. Heloísa Maringoni


Pessoa e Zamaro, eng. Marcelo Zamaro

Lighting Design

Reka Iluminação, Ricardo Heder


proassp – Assessoria e Projetos, eng. Virginia Pezzolo e arq. Carla V. Dias


Soma Arquitetos, Alessandra Gizella da Silva


Engesolos, Artur Quaresma Filho


Kazutochi Shibuya