UNA barbara e valentim

Modular 5.5


Modules for bedroom, living room, studio, balcony, and everything else to make up the house suitable for multiple needs and diverse locations. Beach, mountain, city, the Modular 5.5 can always be implanted delicately on the terrain, with minimal impact.

A way to have a high quality design and already with a complete solution, fast, accessible, focused on sustainability not only in the choice of materials but also by the coherent way they are used. The value of the house is already estimated from the beginning, without surprises or setbacks.

Modular 5.5 is a UNAbv project with the partnership of CROSSLAM, reference company in engineering and engineered glulam structure projects in Brazil.

Modular 5.5:
1. SMART DESIGN: modules adaptable to diverse situations of topography, views, insolation and of course, the needs of our CLIENT;
2. Total CONTROL over deadlines and values: Modular 5.5 is not a work. Modular 5.5 is an ASSEMBLY!
3. MINIMIZATION of the production of WASTE on site;
4. OPTIMIZATION of the systems with the possibility of using solar panels, rainwater accumulation for reuse, and sewage treatment through a domestic biodigester.

Data do início do projeto



UNA barbara e valentim: Fábio valentim e Fernanda Barbara

Structure design

CROSSLAM Brasil - Estruturas de Madeira Engenheirada


Taguá Engenharia


Breno Sá, Elena Geser, Giulia Giagio, Ícaro Cordaro, Igor Helian, Pedro Ribeiro, Rodrigo Carvalho, Tamar Firer, Victória Liz Cohen, Yasmin Dejean

Lighting design


Illustrative images

(mobiliário da ,Ovo – Gerson de Oliveira e Luciana Martins)