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Bandeirantes Station

Bandeirantes Station


The project started with a study request of a new station in the Line A of the CPTM (Metropolitan Train Company of São Paulo), between present stations Lapa e Piqueri. Due to operational factors, the proposal was not able to be done. The project became feasible by moving the current station Piqueri toward the river.

The new station will be constructed over an existing railway bridge that crosses Tietê River.
Accesses on both sides of the river will be created, significantly increasing the passenger’s movement. A flyover within the new structure will be the first transposition exclusively for pedestrians over the river.

The Bandeirantes station will be constituted by a metal structure, independent of the existing concrete bridge, composed by two parallel trusses over an 80 meters gap.


São Paulo

Project start date



Espaço Negócios / Comp Metropolitana de Comboios de SP


UNA arquitetos: Cristiane Muniz, Fábio Valentim, Fernanda Barbara, Fernando Viégas


Ana Paula de Castro, Eliana Satie Uematsu, Jimmy Liendo, José Carlos Silveira jr, Luis Eduardo Menezes, Maria Cristina Motta

Real State Consultant and Economic Development

Barbara Consultoria (Hani ricardo barbara e André Barbara)

Structural Engineer Consultant

Companhia de Projetos

Project Manegement

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