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Alto de Pinheiros House

Alto de Pinheiros House


Located at a corner land close to Pinheiros’s river floated areas, this house for a couple and two children had the implantation (pre) defined by the Cia. City legislation. There is, since the beginning, an opposition between the face turned to the garden and the sunny face. The project itself is organized from the opposition of two volumes: one on the land that goes with the side setback, the other elevated defined by the front and back setback.

The living room, the crystal volume lightly elevated, is completely turned to the garden. In the superior volume (white), the three bedrooms have double facade. An elevated courtyard guarantees the east and west faces to the studio and to the office. This volume is supported in six pillars. The use of four concretes pillars alternates with two steel pillars reinforce the slightness desired and disguise the modulation. Its structure alternate overlapped slab and inverted slab, associating use and distinct materials. Balconies, courtyards and bedrooms with wood floor (floating); studio, closets and bathrooms with granilite floor.


São Paulo, SP

Project start date



UNA arquitetos: Ana Paula Pontes, Catherine Otondo, Cristiane Muniz, Fábio Valentim, Fernanda Barbara, Fernando Viégas


Apoena Amaral e Almeida, Ana Paula de Castro, José Carlos Silveira jr., José Paulo Gouvêa, Jimmy Liendo, Pablo Hereñu, Ricardo Barbosa Vicente, Sabrina Lapyda

Área do Terreno

820,81 m²

Constructed Area

360,00 m²


Alexsando Luis Muller Bremenkampf


eng. Eduardo Duprat




Bebete Viégas