UNA barbara e valentim

Vila Madalena Building

Vila Madalena Building


Built on a corner in Vila Madalena, this commercial building houses a café and a plaza on the first floor. Situated on a high point in the region, the view of the Pinheiros River valley can be seen from the first floor.

The 6 commercial modules are very large and uncluttered workspaces, with exposed concrete slabs and floors, balconies, double height ceilings, large window frames, and mezzanines. They are work spaces focused on environmental quality, with good energy efficiency, allowing, in addition to natural lighting, cross ventilation from the frames protected by double-height balconies.

The suites are divided into two types, varying mainly according to the closure. The units facing the southeast are more crystalline, while those facing the northwest are more closed, although both enjoy the amazing view of the valley. The penthouse has a terrace for collective use.


São Paulo, SP

Project start date



UNA arquitetos: Cristiane Muniz, Fábio Valentim, Fernanda Barbara, Fernando Viégas


Eduardo Martorelli, Enk Te Winkel, Hugo Bellini, Igor Cortinove, Marta Onofre, Paula Saito, Pedro Freire, Pedro Saito

Land Area

830,00 m²

Built Area

3316,00 m²