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Garoa JK


The new Garoa store was designed exclusively for Shopping Iguatemi JK. The angle suggested for the store window defines a setback for the store and creates an entrance place. The project resumes characteristics of the matrix at Oscar Freire street. The cutout of the corner is here reinterpreted in the oblique shop window that transforms this setback into volume.
Inside, giving continuity to the angles drawn on the facade, two walls in silver, are understood until the back of the store, creating niches for the racks and furniture that, as in the other store, can be used as stock and displays. The store takes advantage of the maximum height available, creating only a small mezzanine in the back, a white volume where the horizontal opening drawn on the facade of the headquarters facing Oscar Freire Street was reproduced: a window that shows a strip of hanging clothes, identifying the color palette of the season.
The geometric benches and the accessories display case that form a set in the center of the store were made by the São Paulo design studio Ovo.
In the main body of the store, with double-height ceilings of proportions that could resemble a chapel, paintings by artist Rodrigo Andrade, conceived for the location and executed directly on the silver-colored walls that rise to the store’s ceiling, were planned. The curator here, too, was the art critic Alberto Tassinari.


São Paulo, SP

Project start date



UNA arquitetos: Cristiane Muniz, Fábio Valentim, Fernanda Barbara e Fernando Viégas


Ana Paula de Castro, Eduardo Martorelli, Igor Cortinove e Marta Onofre


K2P Projetos


L2C ia


Abduch, Construtora e Incorporadora

Air Conditioning


Lighting Design

Ricardo Heder


Da Vinci

Curatorship of Artwoks

Alberto Tassinari


Rodrigo Andrade


Leonardo Finotti