UNA barbara e valentim

Japi House


House in the countryside of São Paulo, at the foot of the Japi mountains, where architecture seeks to extract the maximum environmental performance and a delicate relationship with the landscape.

In a small historical arch of the technique, the architecture was entirely conceived with molded material: rammed earth (perimeter walls) and exposed concrete (internal walls and roof plate).

Implanted on a radial lot from the curve of the street, the rammed earth creates an enclosing wall that shields the interior of the house from both the street and the neighbors. The plan, organized in a binuclear form with central access, has the main rooms facing the large garden and pool at the back.

The horizontal volume is opposed by a wide tower, a vertical extrusion of the bathrooms, where the water tanks and other equipment are located.

Besides the thick mud walls in the perimeter, the house also has an internal patio, an important element to increase cross ventilation, reverse insolation, and the presence of the gardens, independently from the street.

All the main areas facing the garden are protected by large eaves and balconies. The accessible roof, with a large garden, ensures thermal inertia for the internal environments and allows the installation of solar panels for water heating and energy generation.


Cabreúva, SP

Project start date



Fernanda Barbara e Fabio Valentim


Fernando Cunha, Rodrigo Carvalho, Yasmin Dejean

Building Installations

KML engenharia de instalações (eng. Sérgio Kater)

Mechanical Installations

EGK Serviços de Ar Condicionado (eng. Estevão Klein)


Arqui_M (arq. Luísa Mellis)

Lighting Design

Lux Projetos (Ricardo Héder)

Project of a mud-brick balcony

Taipal (arq. Marcio Hoffmann)


Taguá Engenharia (eng. Rafael Queiroz)