UNA barbara e valentim

House 27


Designed in the middle of an ancient coconut grove, on a plot of land with a wide ocean frontage, this residence is developed on a single level. The program is laid out in autonomous blocks connected by balconies, optimizing natural ventilation and offering greater privacy to the residents. Between the social area and the service areas, a cut along the roof slab allows a dense garden to form in the middle of the residence. The result is a house without corridors, where one can always circulate in shaded areas, surrounded by gardens and interspersed by sea view clippings.

The penthouse is here thought of as a generous leisure area. Raised high, it favors even wider views of the landscape, both of the ocean and the hill. This penthouse, occupied by large gardens, wooden decks, and a swimming pool, is all protected by a wooden pergola. This shading structure extends over the central garden, forming at ground level an unexpected double height tropical garden drawn by the light filtered through the pergola.
The house is concise in its materials: exposed concrete, glass, natural wood, whitewashed walls, stone floors, and natural wood decks.



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UNA barbara e valentim
Fabio Valentim e Fernanda Barbara (authors)