UNA barbara e valentim

House 10


This residence was designed in the middle of an old coconut plantation, on a stretch of beach where the sea and the hill are close to each other. The project seeks to establish a delicate relationship with these elements of the landscape with an architecture where open spaces and terraces prevail.

The geometry of the house is strongly defined by the curve of the road and the proximity to the hill.

The implantation is defined by two volumes, one in an elongated shape, which winds its way through the terrain and creates two zones of use, one for services and the other for living, and the other suspended, with the suites. In this arrangement it was possible to reconcile the best views of the beach with spaces protected from the neighbors and the road.

The ground volume will be built in concrete structure, while the suspended volume will be in steel structure. Under the projection of this second volume develops the pilotis, with decks, swimming pools, and gardens, a space that will function as a large shaded balcony overlooking the beach. The roof deck is accessible, and its elevation allows a view over the entire extension of the condominium.



Project start date



UNA barbara e valentim
Fabio Valentim e Fernanda Barbara


Pedro Ribeiro, Rodrigo Carvalho, Manuela Raitelli, Vito Macchione e Nina Luders