UNA barbara e valentim

Bandeira Building


The Bandeira Building, near Vila Madalena Subway Station, is delicately inserted in the city, with the design of two volumes articulated together and with open gardens that expand the public walkway. Its shape responds to the desire to guarantee the best views of the living rooms and bedrooms of the apartments, spaces protected by a continuous balcony that expands into the living areas. The balcony, a transition space between the interior and the exterior spaces, protects the apartment from excessive sun, rain and expands the internal spaces.

The constructive system with exposed concrete, gives the building a simplicity without excesses. The building is eloquent in its most essential qualities: ample, light, ventilated and flexible spaces. This idea is also incorporated in the accesses to the apartments, with windows that allow ventilation and natural light from the elevators hall.

The common areas value the landscaping, with plant species diversity and density of trees. The pool expands into a reflecting pool, crosses the suspended building, creates sunny and shaded areas in the water, like a hidden pond. The outdoor spaces have toys specially designed for this project.

The Bandeira Building incorporates in its project all the sustainability precepts desirable for a project of this size, such as a solar water heating system, retention and reuse of rainwater, plant density in landscaping, enhancement of lighting and natural ventilation in common and private areas.


São Paulo, SP

Project start date

2017 . 2021


UNA arquitetos: Cristiane Muniz, Fabio Valentim, Fernanda Barbara, Fernando Viégas


Maria Julia Herklotz, Camila Martins, Rodrigo Carvalho, Pedro Ribeiro, Manuela Raitelli, Julia Medeiros, Bárbara Francelin, Julia Moreira, Julia Jabur Zemella, Luis Fernando Milan, Sarah Nunes, Roberto Galvão Jr., Marie Lartigue, Joaquin Gak, Clóvis Cunha


Elisa Bracher


Nortis E Catuaí

Acoustics Consultant

Echo Acústica


Ps Consultores

Thermal Confort

Williem Sheepmaker



Interior Design

Suíte Arquitetos

Electric Installations

Fe Projetos

Concrete Structure


Metallic Structure




Hydraulic Installations

In Prediais



Lighting Design

Sudio Ix


Soma Arquitetos


Leonardo Finotti